Volunteer Spotlight: Michele Doyle

  • Posted on: 19 January 2018
  • By: mtucker@leaderc...

When KEEN Greater DC (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) announced it would launch its KEEN Sports program for children with developmental and physical disabilities in Arlington in May 2017, volunteer Michele Doyle said she’d help make it a success. As a busy professional, Michele has been balancing work, family and life demands with volunteering for more than 11 years. Michele began volunteering with KEEN in September 2006, and after her first sessions, she was hooked! 

“KEEN is a nurturing environment where you can be yourself no matter whether you are an athlete, a volunteer, or a parent.  We all help each other to make life just a little bit better for each other,” says Michele.

Over the years Michele has helped in various capacities and currently serves as the Volunteer Program Coordinator for KEEN Swim programs in Maryland and Washington, DC, and helps at KEEN Sports in Virginia when needed.

What makes Michele keep coming back? “The families, the athletes, the volunteers!” she explains.  "When I'm at KEEN, the volunteers and athletes want to hang out with you unconditionally.  There is no judging.  There is no hidden agenda.  These people just want to enjoy time with you.  You are also fully in the present when you are with our athletes.  There is no room in your thoughts for work or worries.  You can only be there with them in the moment.  I find the laughter and friendships truly rewarding and the hours are zen-like/meditative to me.  KEEN is my favorite part of my week!”