Volunteer Spotlight: Esther Kim

  • Posted on: 23 May 2019
  • By: mfurukawa

Esther has been a volunteer at Bridges to Independence for over a year and is honored to serve as part of their organization. She sincerely enjoys the time spent as a mentor every week in the youth program. She looks forward to and prioritizes every opportunity to volunteer. It’s truly a rewarding experience for her to see the children grow and develop through Bridges to Independence’s programs and activities. 

She remains in awe with the organization because they provide all the tool necessary to empower and encourage each individual and/or family with valuable skills, education and knowledge to “bridge” the gap from homelessness/hopelessness to stability and self-sufficiency.

The staff at Bridges to Independence have impressed her with their warmth. Specifically, the care and affection they have for each family that passes through and eventually graduates from the shelter is genuine. It is obvious that each member of the staff is passionate and cares deeply about the organization and its mission.

“I wanted to volunteer to practice radical selflessness, give back, make a difference and help others, but the reality is that volunteering/mentoring has helped me, healed me, and changed me by experiencing a rare and true love, cultivated by Bridges to Independence”, says Esther.